We are a wife+wife duo serving families & businesses in Fort Worth, where we live with our 3 kids. We love biking around the city, eating really good food, and making all kinds of art. 

When we established Rar Photography, we wanted our focus to be combining a strong command of the technical aspects of photography with our love for capturing beautiful spaces, places, cultures and the people who live in them.


DFW is rich in photographers, but we believe our dedication to high-quality, print-worthy work sets us apart.


You can expect to have a fun yet professional experience when working with us! 


- rār and tracey




the photographer

rār is the head boss lady. she's a master of drawing out her subject's personality and capturing it on camera. she is also a master of making overalls somehow look chic. 


the editor / designer

tracey's the resident lightroom expert. she enjoys illustration, knitting, bingeing netflix shows, and is really passionate about korean food.



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