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Swift Excursions Into The Forgotten

I grew up in the country where the opportunity to skirt the law and death is taken lightly with minuscule grains of salt.

Yesterday, I headed to an abandoned meatpacking plant with two longtime friends. I won’t tell you the location. We were definitely trespassing.

We waited for all the cars to pass, then crawled through a hole that we had found in the 12 ft. tall chainlink fence that surrounded the property. After climbing up an embankment, we found a huge crater in the ground that was once the old meatpacking plant.

At a loss, we decided to venture into a couple of the other abandoned buildings on the property. I love the energy in places like this. Dark and cold, curiously inviting.

My friend, D., had hopes of finding a lost soul lingering in the shadows of our photos during editing. This shot of E. creeping in the shadows came pretty close to giving me the feeling that we weren't alone there.

This morning E. sent me this photo that he took with his phone. The text read, "maybe it was something supernatural." I was convinced he had edited it this way but he swears he didn't. Perhaps it was a glitch. What ever it was it couldn't have happened in a better way. This is one of my favorite photos ever.

Photo Credit: Eric Hinojosa

We also came across this sick MEME tag and some other cool stuff. Check the mini slideshow below.

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