• Rār Farmer

The Jitters

I get the wedding day jitters. I start the mornings before a wedding shoot fretting over which lenses I'm going to use, checking my batteries over and over again, taking pictures of random things to make sure my cameras are working correctly.

Then when I arrive everyone is bustling around trying to get ready. The mother of the bride usually jumps in spouting off orders. She's nervous too. She wants everything to be perfect for her daughter. I chew gum. Try not to get overwhelmed, distracted. I have a job to do, and there's no room for mistakes or forgetfulness.

Nervous too, the bride looks to me to take charge. As soon as I pull my camera out everything changes. I'm on a mission. The anxiety, the stage fright that I first felt dissipates. After a few pictures, I find my face hurting from smiling so hard.

This wedding started the same way. Bustling confusion, watch-checking, and butterflies in everyone's bellies. But, when I saw the two of them together, that first look, there was a moment when my heart opened up a little more, soared a little more. And that moment didn't end there, it floated on blissfully for the next four hours, and then resurfaced again when I started editing days later.

By the time the day was coming to an end, I had found that I had made new friends - found more of my people. People who know that love is love. I know I use the word "resonate" a lot in my writings. But it's most accurate here. The openness and respect that I felt between these two and their family could only be explained as synchronicity. Like a vast divine magnet, it was all meant to be.

I'm so grateful that I am lucky enough to experience these moments with what initially seems like "strangers." I'm grateful to meet and serve tolerant, mindful people.

Love like theirs deserves celebration, honored and preserved for a lifetime.

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